Light's Book Of Rules :D

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Light's Book Of Rules :D

Post  Light on Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:06 pm

Heres my special rules cuase darkmaster doing the basic stuff

1. Don't wear uniforms that don't need to be worn by you. (ex. your a nub and u find a akatsuki suit, dont pick it up and wear it cuase it wont turn out in a good result...)
2. No picking on other players for being weak and such, u probably will anyway but worth a shot to say
3. No Racial comments such as using offensive words
4. Ok imma tell u its ok to cuss because its fun too, Very Happy
5. Don't harrass players for using a certain jutsu or move over and over, mabye they just cant help themselves or their other jutus are mainly just pointless...

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